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Nouveaux scent

Nouveaux scent

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Infused with intriguing and complex ingredients, Nouveaux is underpinned by the milky-sweet, creamy aroma of dried figs. A soft Oriental fragrance, it’s like a warm day in the beautiful Far East, picking ripe summer fruits in the forest. 

A donation of the proceeds from the sale of this candle will go directly to children's charity Barnardos.


100% vegetable wax.


  • Small: D9 x H8 cm | 1 Wick | Burning time 55 hours.
  • Medium: D15 x H14 cm | 3 Wick | Burning time 90 hours.
  • Large: D18.5 x H18.5 cm | 4 Wick | Burning time150 hours.

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